Table 3

Change in SDI from baseline to 5 years using PSM, IPSW and regression augmented IPSW

PSM sample
 5 year SDI change, mean (SE)0.7170.283−0.434 (0.119)
  95% CI0.500 to 0.9340.166 to 0.400−0.667 to −0.201
  p valuesp<0.001
IPSW sample
 5 year SDI change, mean (SE)0.7770.336−0.441 (0.116)
  95% CI0.607 to 0.9470.184 to 0.488−0.669 to −0.222
  p valuesp<0.001
Regression augmented IPSW sample
 5 year SDI change, mean (SE)0.7820.333−0.450 (0.116)
  95% CI0.630 to 0.9350.167 to 0.498−0.676 to −0.223
  p valuesp<0.001
  • CI, confidence interval; IPSW, inverse propensity score weighting; PSM, propensity score matching; SDI, Systemic Lupus International Collaborating Clinics/American College of Rheumatology Damage Index; SE, standard error; SoC, standard of care.