Table 2

Discriminative power to distinguish between patients in high and low disease activity

Patients starting bDMARD treatmentPatients not starting or changing s/bDMARD treatment for ≥60 daysStandardised mean difference*
Number of visits/patients391/2901946/774
DAPSA, mean (SD)/median (25th, 75th percentile)29.1 (17.4)/26.1 (18.0, 37.5)15.1 (13.7)/12.1 (5.1, 20.4)0.90
DAPSA28, mean (SD)/median (25th, 75th percentile)26.9 (15.7)/24.5 (16.1, 34.4)13.8 (12.5)/10.9 (4.6, 18.7)0.93
  • *Standardised mean difference=mean of DAPSA or DAPSA28 in patients starting bDMARD subtracted by the mean of DAPSA or DAPSA28 in patients not starting or changing s/bDMARD) divided by pooled SD of both treatment groups.

  • DAPSA, Disease Activity index for PSoriatic Arthritis; DMARD, disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug;bDMARD, biological DMARD; s/bDMARD, synthetic/biological DMARD.