Country characteristics
 Population (×1 000 000)66.5127.065.116.9321.44.64
 GDP per capita (Intl$)37 77537 87238 50946 35452 70461 378
 Minimum wage per year (US$)19 88612 26921 79320 67315 08020 967
 Household net adjusted disposable income (IntI$)34 09230 03131 72431 68541 07125 629
 Health expenditure per capita (IntI$)568140704678649994034730
 Days work at minimum wage to cover 30 days treatment bDMARD1939322617148
 Days work at minimum wage to cover 30 days treatment csDMARD0.
 Mean price bDMARDs year/GDP per capita0.370.440.690.421.550.62
 Composite score access to medication945644
 Composite score clinical criteria452454
Database characteristics
 Number of patients16130912913330803689
 Mean time between diagnosis and last visit (days)537525033256318135133921
 % patients bDMARD use60.250.514.728.248.675.0
 Mean last DAS282.
 % patients in DAS28-remission61.538.
 Mean last HAQ0.610.591.290.850.670.85
  • ‘Number of patients’ indicates the number of patients with >1 available visit. ‘% patients bDMARD use’ indicates the number of patients using a biological DMARD during at least one visit. ‘Mean last DAS28’ and ‘mean last HAQ’ are the DAS28 and HAQ at the last available visit in the database.

  • bDMARD, biological disease modifying antirheumatic drug; csDMARD, conventional synthetic  disease modifying antirheumatic drug; GDP, gross domestic product; Intl$, international dollar; NA, not available.