Table 2

Correlation between levels of specific ACPA in serum, synovial fluid and the immune complex fractions in serum and synovial fluid (correlation values are Spearman’s ρ values)

ACPA specificitySerum vs SFSerum vs serum ICSF vs SF IC
Filaggrin 307-324 (CCP1)0.850.310.61
Vimentin 2–170.870.130.19
Vimentin 60–750.930.150.38
Fibrinogen α36–500.730.100.34
Fibrinogen α563–5830.850.240.49
Fibrinogen α580–6000.700.180.22
Fibrinogen α621–6350.870.330.55
Fibrinogen β36–520.830.270.42
Fibrinogen β60–740.820.280.53
Fibrinogen β62–81(Fib72)0.560.010.17
Fibrinogen β62–81(Fib74)0.630.040.43
α-Enolase 5–21(CEP-1)0.880.410.58
hnRNP 10.760.100.31
hnRNP 50.780.360.34
hnRNP Z10.670.140.22
hnRNP Z20.820.320.55
hnRNP Bla260.580.110.06
Histone4 14–340.880.140.43
Histone4 31–500.780.210.45
Mean for 19 ACPA0.780.200.38
Median for 19 ACPA0.820.180.42
  • ACPA, anti-citrullinated protein/peptide antibodies; IC, immune complexes; SF, synovial fluid.