Table 4

Predictors of chronic kidney disease, end-stage renal disease and death at multivariate Cox proportional hazards regression analysis

CoefficientRR95% CIP value
Dependent variable: chronic kidney disease
 Logarithm of serum creatinine0.87082.39*1.57 to 3.65<0.0001
 Activity index0.06111.06†1 to 1.130.038
 Chronicity index0.11881.13†1.01 to 1.260.034
 Hypertension1.42434.162.15 to 8.03<0.0001
 No immunosuppressive drugs for maintenance0.73412.081.14 to 3.820.018
Dependent variable: end-stage renal disease
 Logarithm of serum creatinine1.00012.72*1.5 to 4.920.00095
 Male gender1.20573.341.25 to 8.930.016
 Activity index0.09361.1†1.02 to 1.190.02
 Chronicity index0.25451.29†1.11 to 1.490.00069
 Hypertension1.78355.951.99 to 17.750.0014
 No immunosuppressive drugs for maintenance1.11063.041.37 to 6.740.0063
Dependent variable: death
 Logarithm of serum creatinine0.63551.8*1.1 to 3.25<0.0001
 Male gender1.05842.881.17 to 7.1<0.0001
 Older age0.07111.07‡1.04 to 1.11<0.0001
  • Clinical characteristics at presentation of lupus nephritis were analysed as independent variables.

  • *For any unit increase in log serum creatinine.

  • †For any unit increase in activity or in chronicity index.

  • ‡For any increase in 1 year of age.

  • RR, relative risk.