Table 4

Recommendations for future plans in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)-related uveitis

LSAgreement (%)References
21. Validated outcome measures for JIA-associated uveitis are needed3C100 73 126–128
22. Controlled clinical trials are needed for JIA-associated uveitis1BA100 119
  • Agreement indicates the % of experts that agreed on the recommendation during the final voting round of the consensus meeting.

  • 1A, meta-analysis of cohort studies; 1B, meta-analysis of case–control studies; 2A, cohort studies; 2B, case–control studies; 3, non-comparative descriptive studies; 4, expert opinion (diagnostic studies); 1A, meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials; 1B, randomised controlled study; 2A, controlled study without randomisation; 2B, quasi-experimental study; 3, descriptive study; 4, expert opinion (therapeutic studies); A, based on level 1 evidence; B, based on level 2 or extrapolated from level 1; C, based on level 3 or extrapolated from level 1 or 2; D, based on level 4 or extrapolated from level 3 or 4 expert opinion. , level of evidence; S, strength of evidence .