Table 1

Recommendations for diagnosis and screening in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)-related uveitis

RecommendationSAgreement (%)References
1. All patients in whom a diagnosis of JIA is being considered should be screened for uveitis according to a contemporary and audited protocol. Formal screening protocol should be administered in all centres, where patients with JIA are seen.2AB100 13–32
2. Frequency of ophthalmological follow-up visits must be based on disease severity and needs to be decided in conjunction with an expert ophthalmologist.4D100 13–27 33–66
3. Patients with JIA stopping any systemic immunosuppressant are at risk of developing new onset uveitis or recurrence of uveitis after a prolonged remission. After stopping systemic immunosuppression, it is recommended that all patients with JIA are screened by an ophthalmologist at least every three months for at least 1 year. 2BB100 67–70
  • Agreement indicates the % of experts that agreed on the recommendation during the final voting round of the consensus meeting.

  • 1A, meta-analysis of cohort studies; 1B, meta-analysis of case–control studies; 2A, cohort studies; 2B, case–control studies; 3, non-comparative descriptive studies; 4, expert opinion; A, based on level 1 evidence; B, based on level 2 or extrapolated from level 1; C, based on level 3 or extrapolated from level 1 or 2; D, based on level 4 or extrapolated from level 3 or 4 expert opinion. L, level of evidence; S, strength of evidence.