Abstract THU0267 – Table 1

Association between diverticulitis and SpA disease duration

p valueOR95% CI for OR
SpA Disease Duration (5 y blocks)0.0321.141.01–1.29
Delay in SpA Diagnosis0.4771.010.98–1.04
Age (year)<0.0011.061.04–1.08
Gender (ref: Female)0.0620.570.31–1.03
Current BMI0.9651.000.95–1.05
Smoking (pack-year)0.3541.010.99–1.02
Alcohol (ref: Never)0.022
Current,<3 Units0.1321.660.86–3.23
Current, ³3 Units0.0023.841.62–9.07
Ever use of NSAIDs0.8160.900.37–2.21
Ever use of Steroids0.3801.300.73–2.31
Ever use of DMARDs0.8050.930.51–1.69
Ever use of Biologics0.6131.160.66–2.04
History of IBD0.9041.070.37–3.12