Table 3

Treatment of comorbidities according to the claims data from 2015 in patients with axSpA

TotalDepressive symptomsP value
n=724 (42%)
n=479 (28%)
n=533 (31%)
Cardiovascular diseases
 Antihypertensive agents (C02, C07, C08, C09)5151.149.352.40.6261
 Antithrombotic agents (B01A)
 Diuretics (C03)13.311.914.214.50.3464
Mental and neurological disorders
 Antidepressants (N06A)16.99.918.524.9 <0.0001
 Antiepileptic drugs (N03) <0.0001
 Psycholeptic drugs (N05)6.2*4.54.610 <0.0001
Metabolic and endocrine disorders
 Thyroid hormones (H03AA)19.418.319.620.80.5638
 Lipid modifying agents (C10)
 Insulins and analogues (A10A)
 Blood glucose-lowering drugs, excluding insulins (A10B) 0.0152
Respiratory tract diseases
 Drugs for obstructive airway diseases (R03)14.413.411.418.4 0.0050
Gastrointestinal diseases
 Proton pump inhibitors (A02BC)42.335.944.449.3 <0.0001
  • Values are presented as percentages. P values were assessed using Rao-Scott χ2 tests. P values <0.05 are shown in bold.

  • *Psycholeptic drugs:  1.8 %  antipsychotics,  3.1 %  anxiolytics,  2.5 %  hypnotics and sedatives.

  • AxSpA,  axial spondyloarthritis.