Table 2

The most frequent comorbidities* according to the claims data from 2015 in patients with axSpA

TotalDepressive symptomsP value
n=724 (42%)
n=479 (28%)
n=533 (31%)
Cardiovascular diseases
 Hypertensive diseases (I10–I15)51.551.549.153.60.3624
 Ischaemic heart diseases (I20–I25)12.513.411.112.40.5153
 Diseases of arteries (I70–I79)9.598.511.10.3208
 Diseases of veins (I80–I89)18.417.317.3210.2059
Mental disorders
 Depressive disorders (F32, F33)22.212.622.934.6 <0.0001
 Anxiety disorders (F40, F41) <0.0001
 Reaction to severe stress, and adjustment disorders (F43) <0.0001
 Somatoform disorders (F45)21.214.721.229.9 <0.0001
Neurological disorders
 Nerve, nerve root and plexus disorders (G50–G59)11.799.817.1 <0.0001
 Polyneuropathies (G60–G64) 0.0006
 Sleep disorders (G47)
 Obstructive sleep apnoea (G47.31)
Musculoskeletal disorders (other than axSpA)
 Osteoarthritis (M15–M19)35.934.636.237.50.5771
 Spondylosis (M47)24.218.824.331.4 <0.0001
 Other soft tissue disorders, not elsewhere classified (M79)26.422.624.233.5 <0.0001
 Fibromyalgia (M79.7) <0.0001
 Disorders of bone density (M80–M85)13.11413.1120.5929
Metabolic and endocrine disorders
 Disorders of thyroid gland (E00–E07)28.22828.228.60.9775
 Diabetes mellitus (E10–E14)16.216.914.216.90.4036
 Type two diabetes mellitus (E11)14.314.212.915.60.5172
 Overweight (E65–E68)14.714.412.617.20.1295
Respiratory tract diseases
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (J44)
 Asthma bronchiale (J45)
Gastrointestinal diseases
 Diseases of oesophagus, stomach and duodenum (K20–K31)24.523.423.4270.2874
  • Values are presented as percentages. P values were assessed using Rao-Scott χ2 tests. P values <0.05 are shown in bold.

  • *With prevalence of ≥10% in at least one WHO-5 group excluding axSpA and EAMs.

  • AxSpA, axial spondyloarthritis; EAMs, extra-articular manifestations.