Table 5

Incidence of flares in SLE pregnancy

ReferenceCountryPregnanciesFlare definitionIncidence of flare per person-month
Non-pregnant patientsPregnancyPostpartum
Mintz et al 
Mexico102Onset of new signs of active disease in a previously inactive organ system, measured by clinical and laboratory variables0.040.06
Petri et al (1991)8 USA40Change of ≥1.0 in PGA score since the preceding visit or during the last 93 days0.050.140.05
Wong (1991)13 China29Evidence of acute synovitis; pleuritis or pericarditis with radiographic or echocardiographic changes; new neurologic or psychiatric symptoms; thrombocytopenia (<100×109/L); leucopenia (<4×109/L); haemolytic anaemia (positive antiglobulin (Coombs’) test); new cutaneous lesions or active kidney disease (with abnormal urinalysis results, increasing proteinuria and/or low C3 and C4 levels)0.040.08
Ruiz-Irastorza et al 
UK78Increase of ≥0.26 or more from the minimum Lupus Activity (LAI) score during follow-up0.040.080.15
Present analysisUSA398Change of ≥1.0 in PGA score since the preceding visit0.030.050.03–0.05
Change of ≥4 in SELENA-SLEDAI score since the preceding visit0.040.050.04–0.06
  • PGA, Physician Global Assessment of disease activity; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus;  SLEDAI,  SLE Disease Activity Index.