Table 2

Expression changes in circadian clock related genes in  patient Groups A and B; 2B—expression changes in mechanosensitive ion channels and cytoskeletal proteins in patient Groups A and B

NameGroup A fold changeGroup B fold change
(A) Gene
 ARNTLBmal1 primary clock oscillator−1.67−1.88
 NPAS2Transcription factor activator interacts with Bmal1−1.64−1.85
 CRY1Inhibitor of Bmal1/NPAS2 as part of clock oscillator+1.33+1.37
 PER1Inhibitor of the core clock oscillator−1.50−1.87
 NR1D1Rev-Erbα nuclear hormone receptor, negative regulator of Bmal1 transcription−1.72−1.90
 BHLHE40DEC1, Basic helix-loop-helix
Target of clock
 RORCNuclear hormone receptor transcr. factor, positive regulator of Bmal1 transcription−1.40−2.15
 DBPTranscription factor activating clock target genes via D-box cis elements+2.39+1.95
 NFIL3Transcription factor suppressing clock target genes via D-box cis elements−2.29−2.67
 NFATC1Component of DNA binding transcription complex+1.49+1.30
 NFATC2Component of DNA binding transcription complex+3.02+3.33
(B) Ion channels
 TRPV4Mechanosensitive Ca++channel+2.28+1.59
 AQP1Aquaporin, water channelNS+3.28
 ANO1Voltage gated Ca++activated Cl- channel+2.27+3.15
 KCNA1K+voltage gated channel+1.61+1.63
 KCNQ5K+voltage gated channel+1.53+1.57
 KCNS3K+voltage gated channel modifierNS+2.53
 KCNN3Ca++activated K+channel+1.71+2.64
 KCNN4Ca++activated K+channelNS+2.86
 KCNMB4Ca++activated K+channel subunit 4NS+1.58
 KCTD12K+channel tetramerisation domain containing 12NS+1.96
 SCNNIANon-gated Na+channel−3.46−4.94
 ACTA2Alpha smooth muscle actin−2.86+1.81
 VINVinculin cytoskeletal proteinNS+1.37
 TMSB4XThymosin B4 cytoskeletal proteinNS+1.87
 EZREzrin-Plasma mem-cytoskeletal linkNS+2.08
 TPM4Tropomyosin 4 actin bindingNS+1.36
 MYH9/11Smooth muscle myosin heavy chain, contractile protein9—NS
  • GWAS, genome-wide association study.