Table 3

Chondrocyte secreted proteins differentially expressed in Group A and Group B

GeneProteinGroup A fold increaseGroup B fold increase
WIF1Wnt inhibitor factor 11.82
S100A1S100 Ca++binding protein1.77
S100BS100 Ca++binding protein1.72
C4BPAC4 binding protein A1.73
GPX3Glutathione peroxidase 31.62
ADAMTSL2AdamTS-like 2, microfibril assembly1.55
SCRG1Stimulator of chondrogenesis1.48
MGPMatrix Gla protein1.47
SERPINF1Pigment epithelium derived factor3.60
RNASE1Pancreatic style secretory RNAse3.56
SPARCL1Sparc-like protein 1 (hevin)3.11
PLTPPhospholipid transfer protein2.26
IGFBP4IGF binding protein 42.23
SFRP1Secreted Frizzled related protein 12.19
TGFBITGF beta induced protein2.03
DKK3Dickkopf 3, Wnt inhibitor2.00
TNCTenascin C1.80
TIMP3Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases 31.67
CRTAC1Cartilage acidic protein 11.55
ASPNAsporin (serine leucine-rich matrix protein)1.47