Table 1

Reactome pathway analysis

PathwayAdj. P value
Group A vs non-OA
 EukAryotic translation elongation6.2e–63
 Extracellular matrix organisation7.3e–13
 Chemokine receptors bind chemokines0.00615
 MyD88 deficiency (TLR2/4)0.04693
 Glycosaminoglycan metabolism0.00584
Group B vs non-OA
 Eukaryotic translation elongation1.6e–69
 Extracellular matrix organisation4.3e–12
 Negative regulation of TCF-dependent signalling by WNT ligand antagonists0.00707
 Regulation of complement cascade0.00758
 Eicosanoid ligand-binding receptors0.00758
 Syndecan interactions0.01795
Group B vs Group A
 Extracellular matrix organisation9.2e–11
 Chemokine receptors bind chemokines8.9e–08
 Complement cascade0.00012
 G alpha (i) signalling events0.00036
 Adaptive immune system0.00068
  • A selection of highly significant differentially regulated Reactome pathways between OA Group A (n=32) and Group B (n=26) and non-OA (n=10).

  • OA, osteoarthritis.