Table 2

Mean scores for each item of the FAIR scale in patients with RA or axSpA

Total population
p Value
Fears related to the progression and consequences of the disease
 I am afraid of suffering like I did before6.4±3.46.9±3.36.6±3.40.082
 I am afraid that my disease will progress quickly5.0±3.46.0±3.25.4±3.4<0.001
 I am afraid that my spine or some of my bones will fuse together4.1±3.66.4±3.45.0±3.7<0.001
 I am afraid I won’t get any help if I lose my autonomy4.4±3.74.9±3.74.6±3.70.066
 I am afraid I won’t be able to cope with my daily tasks6.3±3.26.9±2.96.5±3.10.028
 I am afraid I will be considered as a disabled person4.9±3.85.4±3.75.1±3.70.118
 I am afraid that a time will arrive when no treatment will work for me anymore5.2±3.86.3±3.75.6±3.8<0.001
Fears related to treatment
 I am afraid of the side effects of treatment for my disease6.0±3.26.3±3.16.1±3.20.245
 I am afraid that treatments for my disease may cause cancer4.1±3.64.8±3.54.4±3.60.013
 I am afraid that treatments for my disease will become less effective5.7±3.36.6±2.96.0±3.20.001
  • Probability values were determined using the Wilcoxon signed-rank test.

  • axSpA, axial spondyloarthritis; FAIR, Fear Assessment in Inflammatory Rheumatic diseases; RA, rheumatoid arthritis.