Table 1

Scores for PsA (disease manifestations depicted in green colour are included, those depicted in red colour are not included in the respective score)

Biomarker of inflammationArticular inflammationGlobal and pain assessmentsNon-articular inflammatory musculoskeletal manifestionsMixture of inflammatory activity and outcomeNon-musculoskeletal manifestations of PsA
Laboratory (C-reactive protein/erythrocyte sedimentation rate)Swollen
Patient global VASPatient pain VASPhysician global VASEnthesitisDactylitisAxialFunctionHealth-related quality of lifeSkin
  • Calculations

  • Composite Psoriatic Disease Activity Index (CPDAI): Peripheral arthritis (TJC of 68 joints+SJC of 66 joints+HAQ), skin disease (PASI+DLQI), enthesitis (Leeds Enthesitis Index), dactylitis count, axial disease (BASDAI+ASQoL); each domain is scored 0–3 (for ‘no’, ‘mild’, ‘moderate’ and ‘severe’ involvement based on disease activity and impact measures) giving a total of 0–15, in which 0 represents no disease activity.

  • GRAppa Composite Exercise  (GRACE) index:  (1–arithmetic mean of eight variables)x10, the arithmetic mean is based on eight equally weighted variables TJC and SJC, HAQ, PtGA by VAS (1–10 cm), patient skin VAS (1–10 cm), patient joint VAS (1–10 cm), PASI (0–72), PsAQoL (0–20); the index provides a score of 0–10, where 0 is best and 10 is worst.

  • Psoriatic Arthritis Disease Activity Score (PASDAS): (((0.18√ PGA) + (0.159√ PtGA) – (0.253 x √ SF-36) + (0.101 x LN (SJC + 1)) + (0.048 x LN (TJC + 1)) + (0.23 x LN (LEI +1)) + (0.37 LN (tender dactylitis count + 1)) + (0.102 x LN (CRP + 1)) +2) x 1.5

  •  Minimal Disease Activity (MDA): Fulfillment of  five of seven criteria: TJC ≤1/68, SJC ≤1/66, PASI≤1 or BSA ≤3, enthesitis ≤1, PtGA (by VAS, 1–10 cm) ≤2 cm, pain VAS (1–10 cm) ≤1.5 cm, HAQ ≤0.5.

  • Disease Activity index for PSoriatic Arthritis (DAPSA): Sum of SJ66+TJ68+PtGA (in cm)+pain VAS (in cm)+CRP (mg/dL).