Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of each case

Age, years716546
TumourMetastatic melanomaMetastatic melanomaMetastatic melanoma
ICIsIpilimumabFirst: Ipilimumab
Second: Pembrolizumab
First: Pembrolizumab
Second: Ipilimumab
Tumour response to ICIs at present (RECIST 1.1)Complete remissionProgressive diseaseProgressive disease
Onset of arthritis irAEsAfter the fourth infusionAfter the second infusion of pembrolizumabAfter the third infusion of Pembrolizumab
Pattern of arthritisSymmetric polyarthritis involving small jointsSymmetric polyarthritis involving small and large jointsSymmetric polyarthritis involving small joints
Autoantibody resultsANA, CCP neg
RF: 27 IU/ml
(UNL: 15.9 IU/ml)
ANA, CCP, RF negCCP, RF, Ro, dsDNA neg
ANA 1:640 (homogenous)
La positive
Duration of tocilizumab (months)11 (ongoing)15 (ongoing)3 (discontinued)
  • ANA, antinuclear antibody; CCP, anti-cyclin citrullinated antibody; dsDNA, anti–double-stranded DNA antibody; ICI, immune checkpoint inhibitor; La, anti-SSB antibody; RF, rheumatoid factor; Ro, anti-SSA antibody; UNL, upper normal limit.