Table 1

Demographics and baseline characteristics of mothers and infants

All mothers (n=18)*
Mean (SD), unless otherwise stated
 Age, years33.7 (4.2)
 Weight, kg68.9 (9.6)†
 BMI, kg/m²23.6 (3.0)†
Location, n
 The Netherlands3
Mother’s indication for CZP treatment, n†
 Rheumatoid arthritis7
 Crohn’s disease5
 Psoriatic arthritis3
 Axial spondyloarthritis/ankylosing spondylitis2
All infants (n=17)
Median (min–max), unless otherwise stated
 Female, n (%)11 (64.7)
 Gestational age at birth, weeks40.0 (39.041.7)
 Weight at birth, kg3.5 (2.64.1)
 Length at birth, cm50.7 (48.057.0)
 Age at time of mother’s first sample, months2.8 (1.616.8)
 Age at time of mother’s first sample, n (%)
 ≤6 months13 (76.5)
 >6 months–≤12 months2 (11.8)
 ≥12 months–≤18 months2 (11.8)
  • *Includes one screen failure.

  • †n=17.

  • ‡One Canadian patient enrolled under the central USA site, which was approved by the Canadian central IRB.

  • BMI, body mass index; IRB, institutional review board.