Table 2

Characteristics of RA-ILD patients and matched comparisons

Patient characteristicsMatched RA comparisonsRA patients with ILD
Mean age at RA diagnosis (years)66.266.5
Median age at RA diagnosis (years)67.667.9
Mean age at index date* (years)68.168.5
Median age at index date* (years)70.470.7
n11 722100.0679100.0
Age at index date*
 ≤64 years423336.124235.6
 65–74 years379032.320930.8
 ≥75 years369931.622833.6
Seropositive (M05)
Charlson Comorbidity Index
 Low (0)726862.027440.4
 Medium (1-2) 333728.529042.7
 High (3+)11179.511516.9
Ischaemic heart disease
 No10 52889.859187.0
Congestive heart failure
 No11 20995.662191.5
 No10 85892.661290.1
  • *Index date: the date when both the RA and ILD diagnosis have been assigned for RA patients with ILD and the matching date for the matched RA cohort.

  • ILD, interstitial lung disease; RA, rheumatoid arthritis.