Table 2.

Intra-rater Reliability of PT Goniometer Application

MovementPT 1, PTGPT1, RT PTGICC (%95 CI)SEMMDC95
(Mean ± SD)(Mean ± SD)
Flexion66.18°±28.87°65.64°±28.58°0.99 (0.97–0.99)0.912.52
Abduction27.98°±12.93°28.58°±13.61°0.99 (0.98–1.00)0.41.1
IR10.86°±10.66°10.96°±10.73°0.99 (0.99–1.00)0.330.83
ER20.12°±11.74°20.46°±11.96°0.99 (0.98–1.00)0.371.02
  • PT 1: Physiotherapist 1, PTG: PT Goniometer Application, RT PTG: Retest PT goniometer application, ICC: Intraclass correlation coefficient, CI: Confidence Interval, SEM: Standard Error of Measurement, MDC95: Minimum Detectable Change at the %95 confidence level, SD: Standard deviation, IR: Internal rotation, ER: External rotation.