Table 1.

Proportions and Rates of LDA/sustained LDA by Treatment Group

csDMARD-IR ptsabDMARD-IR ptsb
Pts achieving CDAI ≤10PBOBari 2 mgBari 4 mgPBOBari 2 mgBari 4 mg
Time# of visitsCategoryN=228N=229N=227N=176N=174N=177
Original study (24 wks)≥1%44.760.765.626.739.748.6
Original study + LTE≥1%56.670.771.439.847.753.1
  • Pts were defined as responders if they met the response criterion within the stated time frame, prior to any rescue or discontinuation. % = percent of pts meeting response criteria; ≥2 = at least 2 consecutive visits with CDAI ≤10; i-rate = exposure-adjusted incidence rate (% pts/month); N = number of randomised and treated pts; PBO = placebo treated pts in original study, Bari 4 mg treated pts in LTE. aRA-BUILD, bRA-BEACON.