Anifrolumab Serum PK Parameters

300 mg SC (N=6)300 mg IV (N=6)600 mg SC (N=6)
Cmax (μg/mL)
 Mean ± SD36.2±11.682.4±13.263.9±20.5
 CV (%)
AUC (day.μg/mL)
 Mean ± SD785±331907±1751,828±680a
 CV (%)42.119.337.2
tmax (day)
  • aN=5 because 1 individual was lost to follow-up at 1 month post dose. AUC = area under serum concentration-time curve from time zero extrapolated to infinity; Cmax = observed maximum serum concentration; CV = coefficient of variation; tmax = time to reach maximum serum concentration.