Table 1.

Associations between maintaining sufficient 25-(OH)D levels and changes in cartilage volume and effusion -volume over 24 months in patients with knee osteoarthritis

Multivariable analysis
β (95% CI)P Value
Total tibial Cartilage Volume Change (%/y)
 Consistently insufficient Reference
 Fluctuating1.5 (-0.5, 3.5)0.15
 Consistently sufficient2.1 (0.3, 3.9) 0.03
 P for trend 0.02
Effusion-Synovitis Absolute Volume Change (ml)
 Consistently insufficient Reference
 Fluctuating0.7 (-2.5, 3.9)0.66
 Consistently sufficient-2.5 (-4.7, -0.2) 0.03
 P for trend <0.01
  • Adjusted age, sex and BMI and change in season of blood sampling.