Table 1.

Determinants of 12-month non-persistence (Cox model)

Hazard RatioIC 95%P-value
 CZP2.3151.4383.726 0.0005
 ETA1.6311.1992.217 0.0018
 Female1.4801.3011.684 <0.0001
Deprived socio-economic status : Yes vs No1.4861.1971.843 0.0003
Number of comorbid conditions (per additional condition)0.9930.8851.1150.9114
Biotherapy line (per additional line)1.4221.1881.702 0.0001
DMARD dispensation: Yes vs No0.9650.8541.0900.5649
Sulfasalazine dispensation : Yes vs No1.1270.9071.4010.2789
Long-term oral steroids : Yes vs No1.1010.9181.3200.2980
Hospital admission for IRMD0.7840.6111.0070.0565
Visits to rheumatologist
Interaction with time
 Interaction biotherapy * time1.0011.0011.002 0.0013
 Interaction comorbid conditions * time1.0011.0001.001 0.0138
 Interaction biotherapy line * time0.9980.9970.999 0.0006
 Interaction hospital admission for IRMD * time1.0021.0001.003 0.0303