Table 3

TCZ-washout samples by TCZ concentration (SUMMACTA)

Total: 928 total samples from 879 patientsTCZ BLQTCZ <10 μg/mLTCZ ≥10 μg/mL
Washout samples, n (%)*549 (59.2)239 (25.8)140 (15.1)
Patients, n503238138
Total patients who developed ADAs, n (%)†1 (0.2)1 (0.4)1 (0.7)
 Positive neutralisation assay†001 (0.7)
 Positive IgE assay000
  • Note: Multiple samples (with different TCZ concentrations) could be provided by a single patient.

  • *Denominator is total sample number.

  • †Denominator is total number of patients who provided washout samples.

  • ADA, antidrug antibody; BLQ, below the lower limit of quantitation (TCZ concentration, 100 ng/mL); TCZ, tocilizumab.