Table 2

HBV-related antibodies in enrolled patients

GroupHBcAb-negative, number (%)HBcAb-positive, number (%)Total
HBsAb-negative number (%)
 Other RDs01313
 Total*0190 (18.2)190 (18.2)
HBsAb-positive number (%)
 Other RDs185270
 Total*127 (12.2)725 (69.6)852 (81.8)
Total127 (12.2)915 (87.8)1042
  • In the table, ‘Total*’ indicates the total number of patients in the upper two columns, RA and other RDs.

  • HBcAb, hepatitis B virus core antibody; HBsAb, hepatitis B virus surface antibody; HBV, hepatitis B virus; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; RD, rheumatic disease.