Table 2

Unadjusted occurrence of infections among cases of GCA and controls

N=22 795
p Value
Any prior herpes zoster infection
 Time from zoster to GCA, years6 (3, 10)6 (3, 10)0.99
Prior herpes zoster infection+ antiviral prescription
 Time from zoster to GCA, years5 (2, 8)5 (2, 9)0.93
Antiviral prescription among those who had zoster53%56%0.34
Any prior infection68%61%<0.01
 Respiratory infection58%51%<0.01
 Urinary tract infection19%15%<0.01
 Gastrointestinal infection6%4%<0.01
 Skin or soft tissue infection17%14%<0.01
  • Data expressed as median (IQR) or percentage.

  • GCA, giant cell arteritis.