Table 1

Patient characteristics, spondyloarthritis (SpA) features, treatment and outcome in vedolizumab-treated patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) presenting with arthritis or sacroiliitis

GenderAgeHLA-B27SmokerConcomitant medicationIBDResponse of gut inflammationPrior diagnosis of SpATTF (days)SpA featureTherapyOutcome of SpA feature at 6 months
HBI 0 at week 14
No60SacroiliitisSingle IA SIJ, chronic (Cox2 selective) NSAIDClinical remission and imaging improvement
Mayo 0 at week 10
No58ArthritisSingle IAClinical and imaging remission
HBI 0 at week 28
Yes (axial disease)14SacroiliitisChronic (Cox2 selective) NSAIDActive disease
HBI 2 at week 20+HBI 1 at week 32
No114SacroiliitisSingle IA SIJClinical remission
Mayo 3 at week 10
No73ArthritisOCSClinical remission
  • AZA, azathioprine 100 mg; CD, Crohn's disease; F, female; HBI, Harvey-Bradshaw Index; IA, intra-articular infiltration; M, male; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; OCS, oral corticosteroids; SIJ, sacroiliac joints; TTF, time to flare; UC, ulcerative colitis.