Table 1

Summary of diagnostic criteria met in patients included for analysis

Diagnostic criteria metAnti-cN-1A positive (%)Total (all patients)
Medical Research Council Criteria 201010
 Pathologically defined IBM13 (31.7)41
 Clinically defined IBM39 (39.4)99
 Possible IBM28 (33.3)84
Griggs et al9 Criteria
 Definite IBM19 (40.4)47
 Possible IBM61 (32.3)189
European Neuromuscular Centre Criteria 199711
 Definite IBM7 (31.8)22
 Probable IBM0 (0.0)2
Total unique patients*102 (32.8)311
  • *Some patients fulfilled multiple diagnostic criteria. Not all patients were assessed by each criterion. Of the total, 152 patients met only one criterion, 143 patients met two criteria and 16 patients met all three criteria.

  • Anti-cN-1A, anticytosolic 5′-nucleotidase 1A; IBM, inclusion body myositis.