Table 1

Voting on treatment targets and outcomes

Agreement* (%)Accept
Treatment targets
 Serum urate level90Yes
 Time to resolution of inflammation40No
 Amount/reduction/absence of tophi (burden of deposition)90Yes
 Pain reduction90Yes
 Prevention/absence of attacks100Yes
 Adherence to medication60No
 Clinical: Pain, joint count, number of attacks/year100Yes
 Laboratory: Serum urate level, CRP, ESR, serum creatinine90Yes
 Functional: SF-36 (physical component score)60No
 Imaging: Radiographs (specific signs), ultrasound (tophi), dual energy CT (urate deposition)60No
 PRO: QoL, SF-36, work status, productivity, work days off, absenteeism/presenteeism80Yes
  • *10 members of the steering committee voted.

  • CRP, C-reactive protein; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; PRO, patient-reported outcomes; QoL, quality of life; SF-36, short-form 36.