Table 3

Median time (years) until remission for each definition and by baseline disease activity and baseline treatment strata

DefinitionAll (years)High activity high treatmentHigh activity low treatmentLow activity high treatmentLow activity low treatment
Clinical Remission8.715.03.310.51.4
Complete Remission11.0>16.06.0>16.01.5
Clinical Remission on treatment1.
Complete Remission on treatment3.
  • Low activity was defined as PGA<1 and SLEDAI<3. If the activity was not low, we called it high. Low treatment was defined as prednisone ≤5 mg/day and no use of immunosuppressive drugs. If the treatment was not low, we called it high.

  • PGA, physician global assessment; SLEDAI, Systemic Lupus Disease Activity Index.