Table 1

Preliminary statements on remission in SLE

Statement% in favour
1Remission is a desirable outcome for the patient with SLE.100
2Remission in SLE includes, at the very least, the absence of symptoms and signs of SLE.100
3Remission in SLE is not the same as a cure.100
4Remission in SLE is not the same as low disease activity.93
5Remission is a state that, if sustained, is associated with a low likelihood of adverse outcome.100
6‘Serological activity’ in SLE generally refers to the presence of anti-DNA antibodies and/or hypocomplementemia.100
7Treatment with antimalarials does not preclude the patient from being considered to be in remission.98
8Treatment with moderate-dose or high-dose steroids does preclude the patient from being considered in remission.98
  • Out of 10 statements selected by the steering committee, 8 achieved >90% agreement on electronic voting by the entire task force. Two statements (“A definition of remission SLE must be reasonably consistent with the use of this term in the literature” and “Durability in time can be added to any definition of remission in order to define a ‘durable remission’ but need not be included in the definition of remission itself”) did not achieve consensus and were discussed further at the face-to-face meeting.