Table 1

Incidence rates of adverse events of interest in patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with adalimumab (N=15 152; 24,810.4 PYs)

Adverse eventsE (E/100 PYs)
Serious infections1154 (4.7)
 Active tuberculosis (TB)63 (0.3)
 Opportunistic14 (<0.1)
 Zoster19 (<0.1)
Non-serious infections
 Opportunistic infections, excluding oral candidiasis, herpes zoster and TB26 (0.1)
 Herpes zoster424 (1.7)
 Reactivation of hepatitis B*3 (<0.1)
  • *Two patients experienced three events of hepatitis B reactivation: chronic hepatitis B, hepatitis B and viral hepatitis carrier.

  • E, number of events; E/100 PYs, events per 100 patient-years.