TableĀ 3

Clinical description of inflammatory arthritis cases

PatientDistribution of joints involved
1Initial synovitis in L ankle, L wrist, L elbow, R knee, inflammatory back pain. Progressed to involve of multiple MCPs, PIPs.
2Tenosynovitis in wrists, synovitis in knees, MCPs, and PIPs. Flexion contractures of both elbows.
3Initial synovitis of L wrist, L elbow, R knee. Progressed to synovitis in wrists, PIPs, MCPs.
4Initial synovitis of bilateral ankles and knee effusions, then synovitis in wrists. Also urethritis and conjunctivitis.
5Initial synovitis in MCPs, L wrist, bilateral knees. Progressed to involve PIPs.
6Fusiform swelling of R index finger, R shoulder effusion, bilateral knee effusions, R ankle effusion. Also urethritis and conjunctivitis.
7Synovitis in R wrist, L elbow, bilateral knee effusions. L ankle with soft tissue swelling, no synovitis.
8Synovitis in MCPs, knees, wrists, and elbows.
9Synovitis in PIPs. Shoulders with limited range of motion (abduction and anterior elevation).
  • L, left; MCP, metacarpophalangeal joints; PIP, proximal interphalangeal joints; R, right.