Table 1

Estimated weights for three alternate criterion scores, based on the development vignette data

Labial salivary gland with focal lymphocytic sialadenitis and focus score of ≥1 foci/4 mm20.2233
Anti-SSA/SSB (anti-Ro/La)-positive0.213‡3‡
OSS ≥50.1511
Schirmer's test of ≤5 mm/5 min0.1211
UWS ≤0.1 mL/min0.120.51
Oral symptoms0.09
Ocular symptoms0.09
  • *The multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) weights were based on the pairwise ranking of alternatives.

  • †The logistic and modified weights resulted from the clinician-expert rating of the development vignettes randomly selected from among the three cohort datasets. The modified version of the logistic score assigned equal weights to the Ocular Staining Score (OSS), Schirmer's test and unstimulated whole saliva (UWS) flow rate items.

  • ‡Based on anti-SSA/Ro only.