Table 2

Cut-off values, sensitivity, specificity, κ-statistic, AUC values and agreement with existing AECG and ACR criteria sets, for three candidate criterion scores

Candidate criterion score, cut-off*Specificity (95% CI)Sensitivity (95% CI)κAUCAgreement with AECG criteria (κ)Agreement with ACR criteria (κ)
 0.4683 (78 to 88)95 (92 to 97)0.790.960.900.78
 0.5898 (95 to 99)78 (73 to 83)0.750.700.74
 3.589 (84 to 93)96 (93 to 98)0.86′0.980.910.82
 494 (90 to 96)91 (87 to 94)0.760.700.75
 489 (85 to 93)96 (93 to 98)0.860.980.910.82
 598 (95 to 99)80 (74 to 84)0.760.700.75
  • *Score values greater than or equal to the cut-off value define a case. Cut-offs were chosen in each case to weight sensitivity and specificity equally (first row for each criterion score) or to weight specificity to be twice as important as sensitivity (second row for each criterion score).

  • †The multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) weights were based on the pairwise ranking of alternatives.

  • ‡The logistic and modified weights resulted from the clinician-expert rating of the development vignettes randomly selected from among the three-cohort dataset. The modified version of the logistic score assigned equal weights to the Ocular Staining Score, Schirmer's test and unstimulated whole saliva flow rate items.

  • ACR, American College of Rheumatology; AECG, American-European Consensus Group; AUC, area under the curve.