Table 1

Systolic left ventricular function in relation to left ventricular geometry and disease activity in patients with RA

 Normal geometryAbnormal geometry
Active RA,
SDAI >3.3 (n=55)
Remission RA, SDAI ≤3.3 (n=34)p ValueActive RA, SDAI > 3.3 (n=23)Remission RA, SDAI ≤3.3 (n=7)p Value
GLS (%)−19.2±2.9−20.7±3.00.02−18.1±3.4−20.2±5.70.24
scMWS (%)103±13109±150.0577±1689±150.11
  • GLS, global longitudinal strain; RA, rheumatoid arthritis, scMWS, stress-corrected midwall shortening; SDAI, Simplified Disease Activity Index.