Table 4

Results of multivariable Cox regression analysis of clinical and serological factors and MRI-detected subclinical inflammation at baseline in relation to arthritis development

HR (95% CI)p Value
Age, per year0.96 (0.93 to 0.996)0.028
Localisation of initial symptoms
 Small joints onlyRefRef
 Large joints only2.35 (0.41 to 13.61)0.34
 Small and large joints4.30 (1.70 to 10.86)0.002
CRP level, per mg/L1.05 (1.01 to 1.09)0.021
ACPA-positive6.43 (2.57 to 16.05)<0.001
Presence of any MRI-detected inflammation5.07 (1.77 to 14.50)0.002
  • Presented are the HRs of multivariable analyses including 142 patients with clinically suspect arthralgia that underwent MRI of which 27 developed the outcome clinical arthritis. One patient that underwent MRI had missing data on localisation of initial symptoms and was not included in present analysis.

  • ACPA, anticitrullinated peptide antibodies; CRP, C reactive protein; ref, reference.