Table 2

Final logistic regression model for prediction of skin improvement at 1 year

PredictorsEstimateSEORp Value95% CI
ANA positive−0.3780.3390.6850.2660.352 to 1.334
Anti-Scl70 positive−0.3240.1800.7230.0710.508 to 1.028
Tendon friction rubs−0.4920.2140.6120.0220.402 to 0.930
Proteinuria0.2940.2921.3410.3150.756 to 2.380
Lung fibrosis0.1120.1791.1190.5300.787 to 1.590
Disease duration (months)−0.0010.0010.9990.2870.997 to 1.001
Baseline mRSS0.1710.0311.186<0.0011.115 to 1.262
Baseline mRSS2−0.0030.0010.9970.0040.996 to 0.999
Intercept−3.2330.5380.039<0.0010.014 to 0.113
  • ANA, antinuclear antibodies; Anti-Scl70 antibodies, antitopoisomerase I antibodies; mRSS, modified Rodnan skin score.