TableĀ 3

Disease activity and LLDAS attainment during follow-up

Mean (SD) or n (%)
Duration of follow-up (years)3.90 (2.0)
Number of visits observed3352
Visits per patient17.6 (11.7)
Interval between visits (days)86.2 (86.5)
SLEDAI-2K*4.0 (2.5)
PGA*0.58 (0.38)
Patients with at least one episode LLDAS169 (88.5%)
Number of visits where LLDAS achieved1107
Number of visits in LLDAS (per patient)3.1 (4.5)
Total LLDAS duration per patient (years)1.6 (1.4)
Percentage time in LLDAS per patient39.6 (27.8)
Duration per LLDAS period (years)0.30 (0.25)
  • *Averaged across all visits.

  • LLDAS, Lupus Low Disease Activity State; PGA, physician global assessment; SLEDAI, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease Activity Index.