Table 1

Clinical and demographic characteristics of the patients included for whole-blood analysis

VariableControls (n=30)RP (n=12)Early SSc (n=19)Non-cutaneous SSc (n=7)Limited SSc (n=21)Diffuse SSc (n=10)
% women9010089.510095.270
Age (years)49±2148.6±1749.3±15.259.4±13.355.5±13.450.3±13
RP duration (years)23.1±13.7*†‡8.3±5.6§¶25±13.9*†‡11.2±9§¶8.8±9.5§¶
Disease duration (years)9.5±8.56.5±5.96.3±5.2
Rodnan skin score03.8+3.67.8±6.2
Pulmonary hypertension000
Lung fibrosis %023.870
ANA positivity %089.510090.590
ACA positivity %057.985.757.10
ATA positivity %015.8014.390
RNAP positivity %5.309.50
  • Pairwise comparison p<0.05 against *early SSc, †limited SSc, ‡diffuse SSc, §RP or ¶non-cutaneous SSc.

  • Values are expressed as mean (±SD) or % of patients, depending on whether the data are dichotomous or continuous.

  • ACA, anticentromere antibodies; ANA, antinuclear antibodies; ATA, antitopoisomerase antibodies; HC, healthy control; RNAP, RNA polymerase III antibodies; RP, Raynaud's phenomenon; SSc, systemic sclerosis.