Table 2

Clinical and demographic characteristics of the patients included for monocyte cell analysis

VariableControls (n=27)lcSSc (n=42)dcSSc (n=16)
N women (%)708163
Age (years)46.0±1552.0±1454.0±10
Disease duration (years)6.5±4.93.9±5.5
Rodnan skin score3.6±3.011.5±7.6
Pulmonary hypertension %2013
Lung fibrosis %3569
ANA positivity %93100
ACA positivity %4313
ATA positivity %2225
Anti-RNAP positivity %515
  • Values are the mean (±SD), median (25% quartile, 75% quartile) or number (%) of patients, depending on whether the data are dichotomous or continuous following a normal distribution or not.

  • ACA, anticentromere antibodies; ANA, antinuclear antibodies; ATA, antitopoisomerase antibodies; dcSSc, diffuse cutaneous SSc; lcSSc, limited cutaneous SSc; RNAP, RNA polymerase III antibodies; SSc, systemic sclerosis.