Table 3

Effect of tocilizumab (TCZ) monotherapy on hazard for TCZ discontinuation over time

HR95% CIp Value
 In first 1.5 years1.100.87 to 1.390.41*
 At 2 years1.541.19 to 1.990.003†
 At 3 years3.001.62 to 5.56
 At 4 years5.862.07 to 16.57
  • Shown are estimated HRs, 95% Wald CIs and associated p values at various times based on a country-stratified, covariate-adjusted extended Cox proportional hazards analysis of TCZ retention.

  • *p Value for the effect of TCZ treatment (monotherapy vs combination therapy) in the first 1.5 years,

  • †p Value for the change in the effect of TCZ treatment with time after 1.5 years. All 1198 eligible patients who had not been lost to follow-up immediately, were not from Russia and had complete covariate information were included (number of events=464). The distribution of patients and events between TCZ treatments was comparable to the case with all 1798 eligible patients. Of note, all patients from Norway and the Netherlands were excluded due to lack of complete covariate information.

  • sDMARD, synthetic disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs.