Table 1

Comparison of two studies

StudyCornec et al3Delli et al2
OutcomeProportion of B cellsAbsolute number of CD20+B-cells/mm2 parenchyma
SoftwareDigital pixel counting software, developed by the same team5HistoQuest software, V., Tissuegnostics, Vienna, Austria
Tool for measuring response to RTXSSRI6ESSDAI4
Salivary glandMinor salivary glandsParotid gland
General features
  • Baseline ESSDAI:10

  • Median age: 50.4 and 54.8 (±9.5 and ±13.8)

  • Baseline salivary gland biopsy positivity: 64%

  • Baseline anti-SSA positivity: 80%

  • Baseline ESSDAI: 8

  • Median age: 43 (±11 years)

  • Baseline salivary gland biopsy positivity: 100%

  • Baseline anti-SSA positivity: 100%

  • ESSDAI, European League Against Rheumatism Sjögren's Syndrome Disease Activity Index; RTX, rituximab; SSRI, Sjögren's Syndrome Response Index.