Table 1

Results of the ILLUMINATE and BLISS trials†

Outcome measureAnalysisPBOTAB 120 mg Q2WTAB 120 mg Q4WPBOTAB 120 mg Q2WTAB
120 mg Q4W
10 mg/kg
10 mg/kg
SRI-5Original29.331.8 (NS)35.2 (0.052)27.7 (NS)38.4 (0.002)34.8 (0.051)Not availableNot available20.432.6 (<0.001)
Modified‡29.834.1 (NS)37.0 (0.021)NANANANANANANA
SRI-4OriginalNot availableNot availableNot available37.8 (NS)49.2 (<0.05)44.9 (NS)4458 (0.0006)33.543.2 (<0.05)
Modified‡39.847.2 (<0.05)47.4 (<0.005)NANANANANANANA
  • †Figures are percentage of patients achieving the target; figures between brackets are p values, with significant differences indicated in bold.

  • ‡In the modified analyses performed for ILLUMINATE-1, patients in whom antimalarials and/or immunosuppressants were tapered were not considered as de facto non-responders.

  • BEL, belimumab; NA, not applicable; NS, not significant; PBO, placebo; SRI, SLE responder index; TAB, tabalumab.