Table 2

Comparisons of the MxA biomarker—assessed by MxA-EIA and MxA-FACS—with clinical and laboratory parameters of pSS patients

Nrp ValueNrp Value
ESSDAI score240.65<0.01280.450.02
Laboratory parameters
 Rf (IE/ml)220.570.01260.33n.s.
 C3 (g/l)*270.03n.s.33−0.17n.s.
 C4 (g/l)27−0.07n.s.33−0.43n.s.
 IgG (g/l)*290.52<0.01350.400.02
 IgA (g/l)270.440.02330.410.02
 IgM (g/l)270.460.02330.18n.s.
 CRP (mg/l)260.09n.s.310.22n.s.
 Hb (mmol/l)29−0.450.0235−0.61n.s.
 Thrombocytes (*10E9/l)*280.20n.s.340.03n.s.
 Lymphocytes (*10E9/l)*260.03n.s.32−0.11n.s.
 Neutrophils (*10E9/l)26−0.400.0532−0.18n.s.
VariableN (%)Zp ValueN (%)Zp Value
 Anti-SSA24/29 (83)3.07<0.0130/35 (86)−2.400.02
 Anti-Ro5216/22 (73)−2.260.0221/27 (78)−1.980.05
 Anti-Ro6015/22 (68)3.02<0.0119/27 (70)−2.760.01
 Anti-SSB19/29 (66)3.20<0.0123/35 (66)−1.63n.s.
Medical therapy
 Pilocarpine7/29 (24)−1.36n.s.9/35 (26)−1.47n.s.
 Plaquenil23/29 (79)−2.050.0426/35 (74)3.25<0.01
 Corticosteroids2/29 (7)−1.64n.s.3/35 (9)−0.59n.s.
  • Data are presented as Spearman's rho (r) or according to κ2 test (Z), unless otherwise mentioned.

  • *Data normally distributed are presented as Pearson's rho (r).

  • CRP, C-reactive protein; Hb, haemoglobin; n.s., not significant; Rf, rheumatoid factor.