Table 2

Longitudinal relationship (standard model) between disease activity measures and inflammation degree (SPARCC) on MRI-SI stratified for gender in six separate models

β95% CIQICβ95% CIQIC
ASDAS2.4081.127 to 3.69018 2280.301−0.530 to 1.1333700
BASDAI (0–10)0.309−0.330 to 0.94720 558−0.165−0.473 to 0.1433588
Night pain (0–10)0.4970.040 to 0.95420 5250.014−0.146 to 0.1753689
Patient's global disease (0–10)0.4510.062 to 0.84120 060−0.028−0.189 to 0.1323676
ESR (mm/h)0.1810.009 to 0.35413 5710.066−0.007 to 0.1392279
CRP (mg/L)0.1490.028 to 0.27018 1280.047−0.059 to 0.1543685
  • Bold italics mean “statistically significant: p value <0.05)”.

  • Six separate models were built for both genders, each one of them including one of the disease activity parameters. All models were adjusted for age, symptom duration and HLA-B27.

  • ASDAS, Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index; BASDAI, Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index; CRP, C reactive protein; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; HLA-B27, human leucocyte antigen B27; patient's global disease, patient’s global assessment for disease activity; QIC, quasi-likelihood under independence model criterion; SPARCC, Spondyloarthritis Research Consortium of Canada.