Table 2

Number and percentage of significantly differentially methylated IFN-regulated genes found in B lymphocytes from patients with pSS who were autoantibody positive or negative compared with the control cohort, respectively

Patients subgroups compared with controlsDifferentially methylated genes used for analysisDifferentially methylated IRGs foundPercentage of differentially methylated IRGs found
Anti SSA+ anti-SSB+699 genes76 genes10.9
Anti SSA+ anti-SSB−242 genes24 genes9.9
Anti-SSA−47 genes2 genes4.3
  • Genes with at least two CpG sites significantly differentially methylated (at least 7% median difference of methylation, p<0.01) were included in the analysis.

  • IFN, interferon; IRGs, IFN-regulated genes; pSS, primary Sjögren's syndrome.