Table 3

Adverse events within 1 year of first rituximab treatment in patients with eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis

Adverse eventsNumber of events
All adverse events (any adverse event)31
Allergic reactions
 Mild urticaria/skin rash8
 Severe reaction (one with worsening of asthma)2
 Severe (necessitating hospitalisation)*6
 Acute confusion (epilepsy)1
 Joint stiffness/puffiness of the face1
 Pustulosis/rash on shoulders1
 Spontaneous rupture Achilles tendon1
  • 31 events in 21 patients who received a total of 79 courses rituximab within 1 year.

  • *Only two of the six patients with severe infections were on other immunosuppressive treatment (azathioprine) at time of infection.

  • URTI, upper respiratory tract infection.