Table 1

Characteristics of the RCTs of pharmacological drugs in PsA published in 2010–2015†

Drug and trial acronymNumber of publications (abstracts)Interventions comparedType of patients includedTiming of primary end pointPrimary end pointRisk of bias assessment
MTX (MIPA)141 (0)MTX 15 m/week, PBODMARD or NSAIDs failure, but MTX naive24WPsARCLow
MTX vs Ciclosporine151 (0)ETA+MTX, ETA+CYCDMARD failure24WNAUnclear
Leflunomide161 (0)LEF, MTXNA24WPsARCHigh
Golimumab (GO-REVEAL)17–215 (0)GOL 100 mg, GOL 50 mg, PBODMARD or NSAIDs failure14W+24W (coprimary end point)ACR20+change in radiographic scoreLow
Certolizumab pegol (RAPID-PsA)22–274 (2)CZP 400 mg, CZP 200 mg, PBODMARD or TNFi failure12WACR20Low
Infliximab (RESPOND)281 (0)IFX 5 mg/kg+MTX 15 mg, MTX 15mgDMARD or NSAIDs failure, but MTX naive16WACR20High
Adalimumab (ADEPT)291 (0)ADA 40 mg, PBONSAIDs failure12W+24W (coprimary end point)ACR20+change in radiographic scoreUnclear
Etanercept (PRESTA)30 31 32 334 (0)ETA 50 mg 2×week, ETA 50 mg 1×weekDMARD or NSAIDs failure12WPhysician's global assessment of psoriasisLow
—PSUMMIT 11 451 (1)UST 90 mg, UST 45 mg, PBODMARD or NSAIDs failure24WACR20Low
—PSUMMIT 22 342 (0)DMARD or NSAIDs or TNFi failure24WACR20Low
—FUTURE 151 (0)SEC 150 mg, SEC 75 mg, PBODMARD or NSAIDs or TNFi failure24WACR20Low
—FUTURE 241 (0)SEC 300 mg, SEC 150 mg, SEC 75 mg, PBODMARD or NSAIDs or TNFi failure24WACR20Low
—PALACE 13 35–371 (3)APR 30 mg, APR 20 mg, PBODMARD or TNFi failure (<10%)16WACR20Unclear
—PALACE 2380 (1)DMARD or TNFi failure16WACR20NA*
—PALACE 3390 (1)DMARD or TNFi failure16WACR20NA*
—PALACE 440–430 (4)DMARD or TNFi failure16WACR20NA*
Strategy trial (TICOPA)441 (0)Tight control, standard careDMARD naive48WACR20Low
  • No trials were available for glucocorticoids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

  • †25 publications and 12 abstracts have been included.

  • ACR20, American College of Rheumatology 20% improvement; ADA, adalimumab; ADEPT, adalimumab effectiveness in psoriatic arthritis trial; APR, apremilast; CYC, ciclosporine; CZP, certolizumab pegol; DMARD, disease-modifying antirheumatic drug; ETA, etanercept; GOL, golimumab; IFX, infliximab; LEF, leflunomide; MIPA, methotrexate in psoriatic arthritis; MTX, methotrexate; NA*, not assessed, risk of bias assessment not possible as only abstract data; NA, not available; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug; PALACE, psoriatic arthritis long-term assessment of clinical efficacy; PBO, placebo; PRESTA, psoriasis randomized etanercept study in subjects with psoriatic arthritis; PsA, psoriatic arthritis; PsARC, PsA response criteria; RCTs, randomised controlled trials; SEC, secukinumab; TICOPA, tight control of psoriatic arthritis; TNFi, tumour necrosis factor inhibitor; UST, ustekinumab.